Originally published 2008.

AlteredCarbonBeing the cyberpunk girl I am at heart, it was with wild enthusiasm I dove into the third installment in the Tasheki Kovacs novel, Woken Furies, written by Richard K. Morgan. Part detective series, part science fiction, and total superior writing, Morgan has hit a stride with Kovacs I had initially thought he lost with Broken Angels.

Although neither subsequent Kovacs novel are as good as the first, Altered Carbon, the truth is, it can never be as good as the first time. So many of life’s little truths are nestled in the fact that the first time is always the most memorable–for better or for worse (no pun intended here).

Nevertheless, I love Morgan’s ability to push Kovac’s character in a way I hope to do with my own heroine, Cybil. Pressing her forward, so she could change, to grow to be more human. Woken Furies tests Kovacs’s faith and what it means to love and lose–something Kovacs does badly. Lose. Sarah meant a lot to him and despite the fact he’s managed to live 150+ years, this love haunts him. Very much like Stephen King’s Roland’s love for young bride and her burning death at the Harvest Reap.

Tortured, dark heroes, such as Roland and Kovacs appeal to me. They draw me in with their wounded hearts and steely resolve. I can’t help it. What does this mean for me heroine, Cybil? Will she be similar to my favorite leading men?

Brandon-Lee-as-Eric-Draven-in-The-Crow I like my movie heroes the same way. Brad Lee’s THE CROW is my favorite movie EVER! Favorite fairy tale? Beauty and the Beast. Favorite Star Trek character–Worf. Favorite Anime character–Ichigo (from BLEACH), favorite Harry Potter character–Lupin… This can go on, you know. 🙂

Dark, brooding and injured, these are the types of characters that draw me in, hold me fast, and fail to let me go long after I’ve closed the book.

Cybil will do the same.