While at illogicon yesterday, I participate on a panel for my top 10 science fiction and fantasy novels. If you missed the panel, here’s the list. Feel free to disagree, agree, tweet, and share the list. I’d love to engage in discourse about novels.


Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus                        Mary Shelley

Kindred                                                                                    Octavia Butler

The Dark Tower (Drawing of the Three)                         Stephen King

Altered Carbon                                                                       Richard K. Morgan

The Wizard of Earthsea                                                        Ursula Le Guin

Lion’s Blood                                                                            Steven Barnes

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?                            Philip K. Dick

Shadowshaper                                                                       Daniel Jose Older

The Handmaid’s Tale                                                           Margaret Atwood

Brown Girl in the Ring                                                        Nalo Hopkinson

Honorable mentions:

1984                                                                                          George Orwell

The Vampire Hunter series                                                        L.A. Banks

Brave New World                                                                    Alex Huxley

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban                                  J. K. Rowling

The Dark Tower                                                                       Stephen King

The Stand                                                                                Stephen King