There comes a time in every author’s journey that one spies the finish line of the story. The arc’s trajectory pointed toward the all important final two words: The End. I started The Minister Knight of Souls series many rotations ago while living in the New Mexican desert. Sarah’s journey from the soul cages to Veloris, and the salvation of the Pixlis Galaxy was a fun and enjoyable story to tell. Here I got to play with magick, oracles, goddesses, and minister knights.

I love winter, and such, Veloris, the Ice Planet became a great setting for the story. So, of course, over the years, I returned to that world, mostly in short fiction form. One of those stories appears in We Are Not This anthology, called “Headstrong.” Other stories of early Veloris appear in various anthologies long out of print. They may make a nice, short collection at some point in the future.

In the last two years, I wanted to return to the royal family of Marion and Kalah. This time I wanted to focus on one of my favorite characters, Zykeiah, the sole female minister knight among a lot of men. It served to foster conflict, and with that in mind, I began the new novel, Akub: The Devourer.

Last night, I crossed the word count line. Although I’m still working at finishing the novel–all but one chapter remains–the relief of having completed the tale is gratifying. I’m excited to share this story with you.

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