In July, the hot summer sun, the crisp blue sky, and adventurous travelers ventured out to the beaches, to vacations, and to staycations in their backyards.

Readers took the journey to the Kingdom of Aves. You met Hawk Prentice Tasifa, an investigator for The Order. Hawks are the investigative arm of the The Order, the ruling body for the kingdom. Readers retreated into the lush, small egg of Gould to follow Prentice as she tried to find a serial murderer. The result was Kill Three Birds.

In January 2021, the second novella in the series, A Theft Most Fowl will be released. Here are four reasons why reader should return to the Kingdom of Aves.

If you haven’t visited before, consider this your personal invitation.

Blurb: Sent to investigate the theft of a sacred artifact, can Hawk Tasifa unravel the threads of the conspiracy before it destroys the Order?

Following her success in Gould, Hawk Prentice Tasifa returns to her university to unravel a mystery. Someone has broken into the Museum of the Goddess and stolen its most sacred artifact, attacked two of the guards, and is trying to frame her mentor. Under pressure from The Order, Prentice is urged to find the culprits, but not all is as it seems.

Can Hawk Tasifa see through the echoes of her own past and find the dirty birds before they destroy everything she loves?

Reason #1-Condor Galen Gor

Prentice’s next assignment leads her back to her university days and with it a whole host of memories she’d long since buried. Due to the high profile nature of her assignment, the theft of the Five-Feathered Crown, Prentice is partnered with a condor. Condor Galen Gor and Prentice spent their years at university together and have a shared past that Prentice isn’t sure she’s ready to confront, especially under the glare of Dove Raz Haq.

CONDORS-Are the physical backup and are usually partnered with HAWKS.

    • They possess super strength (like EAGLES), but are bruisers.
    • They can go for long periods of time without eating or drinking.
    • They feed almost exclusively on carrion.
    • Physically well-trained fighters.
    • They are good with a sword.

Condor Galen Gor is a no-nonsense warrior. Thank goodness. Hawk Tasifa will need all the help she can get.

Reason #2-University of Sulidae

Nestled in the Edmonds Nest, the Sulidae egg is modeled on a mixture of the ancient city of Alexandra. It sits on the banks of the Plume River, and is a much larger egg than what readers visited in Kill Three Birds. It’s a university egg, and with it comes all the trappings therein.

Reason #3-A heist story set against a fantasy setting

Like Kill Three Birds, this next installment involves an intense whodunit. This time, Prentice and Galen are chasing a thief, who has taken the most glorious possession in the Museum of the Goddess, the revered Five-Feathered Crown. It’s said the Goddess Phoenix gathered the five feathers, one from each of The Order’s ruling class and bound them with gold. Legend also states that it cannot be touched by human hands or risk death.

Who stole the kingdom’s celebrated artifact?

Prentice and Galen have been assigned to find out.

Reason #4-Introduction to new bird!

This probably should’ve been the first reason to read A Theft Most Fowl. Just like in nature , different birds reside in different environments. In the warm climates of Sulidae, we are introduced to a rook, nightjars, and ostriches! One of the joyous things for me is the research into the various bird species and behaviors and incorporating them into the new minor characters in the kingdom. It’s great fun and I can’t wait for you to read this latest installment.

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It arrives January 20, 2021, but you can pre-order now. Click here:

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