This January has exploded in a slew of wonderful news and violence. Like many of you, I awaited the start of a new year with a sense of impatience and urgency unlike previous years. Although I know a virus, like COVID-19, doesn’t care about the calendar flipping to a new date, mentally, I wanted a fresh starting line. This is a rite of passage each year. Clean slate. New goals. New energy to put forth toward obtaining those goals.

So, it pleases me to see that my January had sparkled with good news and accolades. Despite the events of January 6th at our nation’s Capitol building, my first week into the year included the following:


Book Riot’s 6 of the Best Black Indie SFF Writers You Should be Reading .


Recipient of the Horror Writers Association’s Diversity Grant


Nominations for the Inaugural Palmetto Scribe Awards in both short story and novella by a South Carolina writer. Click HERE to Vote.


Short story- “The Guardian” published by Midnight & Indigo

Short story-“Destroying Angel” published by Prospective Press


KILL THREE BIRDS: A KINGDOM OF AVES MYSTERY is nominated for the 2020 Caffeinated Fantasy’s Fantasy Book of the Year. Please click here to vote for my book.


KILL THREE BIRDS: A KINGDOM OF AVES MYSTERY returned to Amazon’s top 100 African American fantasies and African American Mysteries for the first time since its release in July 2020.

I am excited to see what the rest of 2021 will have in store. To stay up to date on releases and writing news, plus pictures of my wonderful fur kids, sign up for Other World Reports, my newsletter. Tell me in the comments what parts of January has given you sparkles.

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