I love horror and its sub-genres and blends. I’m weird, Black, and Southern. I’m walking trauma and pain, torment and passion, terror and pleasure.

From time to time, I watch #horror movies. These are usually available on streaming services and are “new-to-me.” With the glut of content available, I do not always catch the latest and greatest when it’s released.

But sometimes, when the night whispers and the television glitches, I’m seduced to the horrible, the awful and profane.

And because I’m an author, I write reviews.

The goal is to keep the review “100.” That means honest and authentic gut responses. I’m slicing and dicing into the movie’s meaty bits.

Mind the blood. Okay?

Tonight’s horror selection is UMMA.

Movie Poster for UMMA starring Sandra Oh

Title: Umma

Director: Iris K. Shim

Released: 2022

Streaming Service: Netflix

Origin: American    

Rating: 3 out 5 Skulls

Keepin’ it 100 [word count begins now]:  Amanda [Sandra Oh] has a terrifying fear of electricity. The movie opens with her shuddering on the floor, in the dark, as lightening flickers violently across the night sky. Her daughter comfort her, explaining the lightening cannot hurt her. Amanda works hard to avoid being like her mom, going so far as to erase her Korean heritage and connections. Once her mother dies, she’s expected to fulfill her traditional duty. Will she? Or will her Umma (mom) force her? This film is a heart-wrenching look at mother-daughter relationships and the lingering trauma of abuse and the many ways it manifests. [100]

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