100-word horror movie review of The Bridge Curse
The Bridge Curse Movie Poster in Taiwanese

If this is your first visit to my blog for the 100-Word Horror Review, welcome!

I love horror and its sub-genres and blends. I’m weird, Black, and Southern. I’m walking trauma and pain, torment and passion, terror and pleasure. From time to time, I watch #horror movies. These are usually available on streaming services and are “new-to-me.” With the glut of content available, I do not always catch the latest and greatest when it’s released.

But sometimes, when the night whispers and the television glitches, I’m seduced to the horrible, the awful and profane.

And because I’m an author, I write reviews.

The goal is to keep the review “100.” That means honest and authentic gut responses. I’m slicing and dicing into the movie’s meaty bits.

Wash the blood off your hands before reaching into the popcorn bowl.

Let’s go!

Tonight’s horror movie selection is THE BRIDGE CURSE.

Title: The Bridge Curse

Director: Lester Hsi

Released: 2020

Streaming Service: Netflix

Origin: Taiwan

Rating: 4 out 5 Skulls

Keepin’ it 100 [word count begins now]:  This movie involves an investigative reporter who is looking into the strange deaths of five students who died after recording a prank at a cursed bridge. What unfolds is a mixture of found footage, slasher films, and possession. It’s brilliant. The twist caught me off guard the first time I watched it despite the niggling in my neck that something was off. The plot line successfully harnesses our cultural obsession with social media, hits, and recording everything. The horror lands and in some scenes if predictable, but enjoyable, nonetheless. The film incorporates traditional horror of karma, generational curses, and unfaithfulness. [100]

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