The Kingdom of Aves is a fantastic world where the goddess, a phoenix, has united the bird clans into one that follows her. Most birds in the kingdom follow the goddess and her teachings, which she has entrusted to The Order. The kingdom is an oligarchy. The Order governs all the churches and is the most important aspect of people’s lives. In many ways, it acts as the Vatican does in Italy.

To investigate crimes of a supernatural nature, different parishes or nests can request assistance from The Order. They send out HAWKS. The Kingdom of Aves series follows Hawk Prentice Tasifa as she investigates violations and cases in various Nests in the kingdom.


Blurb: Sent to investigate a strange murder in a quiet remote egg, can Hawk Tasifa find the killer before she becomes the next target?

Prentice Tasifa is an investigative hawk whose been deployed from The Order to the small egg of Gould, a
mountain village. A missing girl had been found dead. Hawks investigate strange and difficult situations throughout the Kingdom of Aves. They can “see the unseen,” by accessing a unique ability to activate hawk-like vision, a trait they carry through their bloodlines.

When Prentice arrives in Gould, she soon discovers that there isn’t just one bird dead, but three. Has the hidden town’s secrets contributed to the deaths? Did the victim’s controversial relationship?

There’s a serial killer operating in little known Gould, and she has to find the person before she ends up next.


2022 Atomacon Palmetto Scribe Award Winner-Best Novella

Blurb: Sent to investigate the theft of a sacred artifact, can Hawk Tasifa unravel the threads of the conspiracy before it destroys the Order?

Following her success in Gould, Hawk Prentice Tasifa returns to her university to unravel a mystery. Someone has broken into the Museum of the Goddess and stolen its most sacred artifact, attacked two of the guards, and is trying to frame her mentor. Under pressure from The Order, Prentice is urged to find the culprits, but not all is as it seems.

Can Hawk Tasifa see through the echoes of her own past and find the dirty birds before they destroy everything she loves?